CAKE She Hits Different brings the party to Arizona

We check in on the California cannabis brand’s dynamic desert debut.

A California cannabis and streetwear brand that has been taking over the nation, CAKE she hits different is one of the hottest brands on the scene. A favorite of casual cannabis consumers, dedicated cannasseurs, and budtenders alike, CAKE makes their mark with impactful design that pays homage to the world-famous cannabis culture of their hometown, Los Angeles.

If CAKE only had their lineup of top-quality, hand-trimmed flower, designer distillates, and disposable vapes enhanced with proprietary CryoTerp technology, they’d still be one of the most-buzzed-about brands around. But, true to their iconic name, CAKE’s combination of style and substance makes a flavor all their own.

“Our store is located just a few blocks north of the University of Arizona. Many of the University’s students hail from California and come to the dispensary looking for CAKE. Now that CAKE has arrived in Arizona, we are excited to fulfill the many requests for CAKE we’ve received, and it has quickly become one of our most popular products!”

– Hailey at The Prime Leaf dispensary

We last checked in with CAKE she hits different last October, and learned all about their suite of products, including their live resin Cryo-Cured disposable vapes and unique signature strain, Dragon’s Dream. It seems like time is only improving CAKE, as they’ve proven to be a huge hit in their native California and a few other choice states. The latest lucky state to get a taste of CAKE was Arizona, and it seems like the desert heat agrees with these dripped-out mavericks.

CAKE takes Phoenix

Courtesy of CAKE she hits different

When a brand like CAKE she hits different arrives on a local weed scene, it’s more than an event. It’s an earthquake, reshaping the geography of cannabis around it, creating a brand new era.

  • “CAKE has the best variety of live resin strains and a really cool vibe. They’re now my favorite brand when I’m buying vapes.”
  • Pat, dispensary customer at Sol Flower McClintock

CAKE heralds their arrival in a market with a full-court press of unique merchandise drops for local budtenders, huge events with local cultural icons, and massive contests and giveaways. And that’s all on top of the biggest benefit of all; the opportunity to enjoy CAKE’s cannabis products and apparel and see how CAKE hits different for yourself.

This year, CAKE put together a few exciting events in Arizona to help introduce themselves to both budtenders and consumers. The team at CAKE believe in the importance of local community, and seek to establish themselves as trusted, enthusiastic members of the scene; the life of every party.

CAKE arrived in Arizona with Stoner Bowl, a play on the famous football game that needs no introduction. The team at CAKE really knows how to throw a rager; they partnered with Sonoran Roots to make the Stoner Bowl a bash complete with games, merchandise, music, and a whole bunch of CAKE Cryo-Cured disposable vapes.

CAKE she hits different

Courtesy of CAKE she hits different

If you’re a fan of EDM music, you’ve got a friend in CAKE. They love curating relationships with local musicians and DJs like YDG, Stoned Level, Riot Ten, DJ Afterthought, and Rated R because they understand that cannabis is an all-purpose good times enhancer, and there’s nothing better than vibing out to your favorite music while a bit baked.

To reward some loyal customers, CAKE just finished their “Fly Away with CAKE” promotion, a giveaway for two VIP tickets to an all-expenses paid trip to Electric Daisy Carnival, one of the biggest EDM festivals in the world. The lucky winners this time around were two besties who hail from Arizona named Kayla Bentley and April Sellers. CAKE flew these two out to Las Vegas to enjoy a night of dancing under the stars at the most electrifying festival of the year.

  • “Three words for my CAKE experience: mind-blowing, comfortable, and unreal.”
  • April Sellers

Of course, CAKE would never send their contest winners out to a party the scale of EDC whilst dankrupt. April and Kayla were flying high all weekend long thanks to the CAKE crew who set them up with plenty of their live resin disposables.

“CAKE came in clutch with that Mango Kush that bestie and I smacked on all weekend.” said Kayla. Kayla’s usually a hardcore dabber, but was truly impressed with the flavor and potency of the CAKE vape. April was similarly awed by the Mango Kush flavor, saying “[The] citrus and myrcene terpene profile helped with my anxiety in the huge crowds while also keeping me uplifted and able to dance all night!!”

After April and Kayla arrived back home and had a bit of time to reflect on the experience, they had nothing but gratitude for the California brand.

“CAKE really outdid [sic] themselves with the organization, communication and overall experience of the trip,” said April when we caught up with her and Kayla after the big event. It seems like CAKE has earned themselves some fans for life, as Kayla had this to say about it: “I could’ve never expressed how blessed I feel being able to experience a huge festival for the first time with my absolute best friend. CAKE really do hit different!”

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Made for the groundbreakers

CAKE is made for people like Kayla and April. For those who like to stand out; who aren’t afraid to announce their presence and boldly take the spotlight. They go against the grain of the cannabis industry by refusing to moderate or apologize for their love of all aspects of cannabis culture.

CAKE’s line of female-forward apparel and accessories proudly carries on the aesthetic of the streetwear community it was born in. All of CAKE’s high-quality apparel is made from custom patterns that are cut and sewn in LA and ethically manufactured here in the USA. CAKE believes in creating apparel that is flashy, trendy, and unafraid to be sexy—a perfect match for their cannabis.

Courtesy of CAKE she hits different

But don’t get it twisted while the fashion and general immaculate vibe all go to making CAKE the standout brand that it is, CAKE’s cannabis has the substance to back up all of their style.

The team boasts a vast amount of experience in the cannabis industry, working behind the scenes in white-label production and cultivation for decades before crystalizing their innovative spirit into CAKE. They sought to develop a roster of innovative, authentic products that represent the best of what the plant has to offer.

The secret ingredient that makes CAKE’s disposable vapes a cut above the rest is their proprietary CryoCure extraction system. The bleeding edge of cannabis innovation, the CryoCure system uses next-generation cryogenic technology to preserve freshly harvested trichomes at the peak of their ripeness, producing what CAKE calls CryoTerps.

This process is specifically designed for cannabis and preserves much more of the critical flavor than other methods of freeze drying. Finally, CAKE blends these CryoTerps with HTE and high-potency oil to produce a live resin that boasts astoundingly true-to-flower flavor.

CAKE’s Cryo-Cured disposable vapes aren’t just filled with the good stuff; the vape itself is reliable, rechargeable, and features a proprietary mesh ceramic coil that produces smooth, flavorful clouds every time. Not only that, but CAKE’s vapes are made with the highest quality stainless steel to avoid any heavy metal leaching.

These pocket powerhouses are available in a wide variety of strains and flavors, such as famous favorites Strawberry Haze and Lemon Pound Cake in addition to unique options like CAKE’s own strain, Dragon’s Dream. There’s a total of ten strains for you to try today, so start experimenting now.

Courtesy of CAKE she hits different

Excited? You should be. Not only is CAKE actively expanding to new states, but they also have new flavors, products, and giveaways that will be launching soon.

CAKE will be launching five new flavors of their Cryo-Cured disposable vapes, bringing the grand total up to fifteen delicious options. Starting in just a few weeks you’ll be able to enjoy sativa-like Papaya Guava and Electric Gusherz, indica-like Purple Octane and Raspberry Kush, and a powerful hybrid known as Laughing Gas.

Keep your eyes peeled for a new pre-roll and vape line from CAKE, too.

That’s all we can tell you about right now, but don’t worry. The team at CAKE is mixing up even more tasty treats they can’t wait for you to try. Make sure to follow them on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with all things CAKE she hits different and see when the party is coming to your local dispensary.

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