The cannabis industry is always changing. From the emergence of new strains to the development of revolutionary products, growth is a constant consumers expect. And next to their love of bud itself, most stoners have a passion for finding brands and products that make their favorite plant bloom in ways it never has before—and CAKE she hits different does just that.

A taste of CAKE

A brand apart from the crowd, CAKE is painting the cannabis industry pink. Born in Los Angeles in 2019, CAKE is already making waves in the West Coast weed community for its fun, refreshing vibes and innovative products. The brand has a strong presence at events across LA and is even setting trends with its stylish, female-forward apparel brand. With custom patterns cut and sewn in LA, CAKE’s high-quality apparel is ethically made in America.
CAKE sets the tone with its lineup of patent-pending products that are changing what you can expect from your concentrates. While so many brands in the cannabis space are determined to blend in with a pared-down, unobtrusive brand aesthetic, CAKE is a bright, bold celebration of all things weed.

Game-changing offerings

While CAKE gives off effortless, California-cool vibes, the brand’s stacked product roster wasn’t born overnight. With more than twenty years of experience working behind the scenes as cultivators and manufacturers, CAKE co-founders decided it was time to debut their own brand, carefully developing a line of innovative, true-to-plant experiences for cannasseurs and the canna-curious alike.
With a lineup of Cryo-Cured resin disposables, rosin gummies, and new strains of their own, CAKE products make it easy to keep the dope vibes rolling all day long. The brand’s use of cryogenic technology ensures that—while the products might be pocket-sized—the flavor is bolder than anything else on the market.

Resin disposables

Next-level effects and rich-terpene flavor with each hit—CAKE’s Cryo-Cured resin disposables are taking live resin up a notch. By harvesting flower at peak trichome ripeness and placing it in a cryogenic freeze dryer engineered specifically for cannabis, CAKE’s extraction process captures each plant’s terpene and cannabinoid profile at its very best. This makes for a resin disposable with highly optimized flavor and performance.
Implemented to improve the overall flavor and effect of the flower, CAKE’s use of cryogenic technology is an upgrade from traditional freeze-drying methods, which are not ideal for producing high-end cannabis products. Oftentimes, cannabis will lose a level of moisture necessary for preserving flavor, resulting in less potent flower, massive loss of terpenes, and lower performance in extraction. CAKE’s process balances moisture levels during curation, which ultimately optimizes the flower for extraction. That means better, more flavorful bud and a hit that is truly different.
If that’s not cool enough, CAKE has a wide variety of mouthwatering strains to choose from. Grab your favorite treat or try something new with strains like Rainbow Runtz, Pink Rozay, Orange Sunshine, Mango Kush, Blueberry Zkittlez, Strawberry Haze, Lemon Pound Cake, Gator Breath, Biscotti, Berry Gelato, and CAKE’s very own strain, Dragon’s Dream.

Rosin gummies

It’s hard to say no to a good gummy. It’s especially hard to say no to CAKE’s delicious lineup of solventless rosin gummies, a small-but-mighty treat for any weed lover. With a high level of cannabinoid preservation and superior effects, each gummy packs a potent punch. Enjoy these yummy gummies in Green Apple, Raspberry Mimosa, and Watermelon.

New strain & beyond

On top of the disposables and gummies formulated with their game-changing technology, CAKE has also developed an attention-grabbing new strain, Dragon’s Dream. As Dragon’s Dream a distinctive strain described as, “Blue Dream with a little more magic,” makes its way into the cannabis marketplace, CAKE is already back at it working on other standard-shifting products. Keep your eyes out for a line of pre-rolls as well as designer distillate products.

The special ingredient

At their core, CAKE is a brand that is passionate about cannabis and community. Their team makes exciting products because they’re excited about them. Like a friend bringing back the dankest new strain from the dispensary, CAKE wants to share the good stuff with people they care about. That’s what you can expect when you pick up products from CAKE, the kind of quality that’s meant to share.

If you’re in California—lucky you—you can get a piece of CAKE today. Somewhere else in the US? Follow CAKE to find out if there might be a treat in store for you soon.